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I have had the pleasure of working with Vonda Dennis over the past 3 months. Lewis was born a very sweet "angel" baby, but within weeks of his birth, he became very colicky. The whole family was suffering as he was crying non stop. I didn't like admitting that I needed help, but once I did and Vonda came, everything got better. She helped us organize his routine into something that was manageable. She also provided me with a great sense of calm, discerning for me what I needed to worry about and what I did not. Her advice proved to be invaluable. Under her care, Lewis was thriving and becoming the sweet baby we all knew he was. Vonda is a complete professional who showed us a very loving way to structure and manage baby care. I recommend Vonda to any family looking for help.
Pasadena, CA
I'm writing to whole-heartedly recommend Vonda Dennis, who was invaluable during the first six weeks after we brought home our twins, Madeleine and Olivia. To begin with, she allowed my wife Jennifer and me to sleep through the night when we needed to most, which alone was worth the price of admission. In addition, she taught us how to structure an eating schedule - a crucial thing when there are two mouths to feed - and provided a copious amount of other valuable information, which was never touched upon in any of the parenting classes we took. Most importantly, she took genuine delight in caring for our children, and put us at ease during an inevitable nerve-racking time. For that we will forever be grateful.
Los Angeles, CA
Vonda is a complete professional who showed us a very loving way to structure and manage baby care.
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Ms. Dennis is the "Harvard Professor" for baby nursing and scheduling.
Beverly Hills, CA
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It is our pleasure to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of Vonda Dennis who took care of our twin boys their first six weeks of life. We found Vonda to be reliable, efficient and professional. 

Our boys were five weeks premature and while they didn't have any real problems that required special medical needs, they were still quite small and delicate. Through Vonda's confident demeanor in caring for the boys, I gleaned the confidence I needed to successfully care for our babies. She was full of special tips about all things baby and especially well versed in the needs of preemies and twins. 

I also want to acknowledge the time she spent with us as the boys' night nurse. While we had another night nurse care for the twins on nights Vonda was unavailable, there was something particularly amazing about the "Vonda Nights" - we closed the bedroom door and never heard another peep until morning! Seriously! It was as if she was able to cast a magical spell on them! 

Vonda is terrific! We recommend her services without hesitation! 

Samantha and James
Beverly Hills, CA

There was something particularly amazing about the "Vonda Nights."